Haul Flight

Travelling tests you a lot in every aspect. Right from planning a trip to designing a travel itinerary it tests your patience, planning and everything. You should design your trip plan in such a way that you won’t face any difficulties while travelling. One of the most important aspects of any vacation plan is transportation. And if you are planning to visit some other country, get ready to be in an aircraft for long hours. Now, this might sound boring but believe me, with a little preparation it is not that bad as it sounds.

Here is how to survive a long haul flight.

Wearing comfortable clothes should be the first thing you must do to survive long flights. Wearing clothes that are tight and fitting can make you seriously uncomfortable while long journeys and sometimes can cause serious problems like DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Therefore, it is always advisable to wear loose and cotton clothes if you are on a long flight journey.

Choosing the seat is also an option if you are going for a long flight journey. Whenever possible try to book seats that are near to exit rows. Those are the ones with the more leg space than the other seats. While it is not always possible to get the seat you desire, going online as soon as the check in opens to hand pick the seat you want is always a good idea. Getting a seat with ample leg space allows you to be comfortable throughout the journey. Also, it is very important to move after certain period of time in the plane. Sitting in one place can cause knee pains and also be boring at the same time. Therefore, it is advisable to move your legs, and get up and walk after fixed intervals. There are also some leg exercises which can be done to keep the blood flowing in your legs.

While the day time can be passed easily, getting a good night’s sleep in flight is a challenge. You may not be used to sleep in a moving aircraft before but it is always advisable to bring out a good travel pillow and a blanket. Getting good amount of sleep is important while long haul journeys.

It is also important to have minimum luggage on board when you have to travel long distances. While it is necessary to have things in your handbag that are absolute essentials, don’t try to stuff with the materials you won’t end up using. Having a book to read or movie on your I-Pad helps you kill time with ease on long distance flights.

Another thing to consider while on the long haul flights is the food you have. The long haul flights typically will serve you with the meals but they may not be necessarily what you must be expecting. Therefore, it is always a good idea to stack yourself up with some energy bars, dry fruits and dry snacks that can fill your stomach at times. Also, if you are someone on diet and restricted to eat outside foods, these kinds of dry snacks can keep you filled up most of the times.

Staying hydrated is equally important for long haul journeys. The air pressure is high in flights which can cause dehydration. It is therefore, advisable to drink water frequently and keep yourself hydrated every now and then.

And remember, flights are a great way to make new friends. You can always spend your time talking to people and hearing them for hours. It is always interesting to hear their stories and share yours with them.

Lastly, prepare your mind that you are going to be on the flight for long hours. This helps you relax when you are travelling. Thus, with some precautions, you can definitely survive long haul flights easily.

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