Kashmir is without a doubt one of the most ravishingly beautiful parts of the Indian subcontinent, with its tall, daunting mountains and cool, crisp air. This 3 days Kashmir trip planner can help create the perfect experience in the paradise that is Kashmir.


DAY 1 Trip Plan

To start, getting to Kashmir is easiest via air through the Srinagar International Airport at Badgam. Airfare, however is always tricky and can get quite expensive during the on-season, so it is best to book in advance or opt for a different mode of transport altogether such as a train from a nearby major city or for the more adventurous, driving is also an option (However, during the winters, roads may become quite slick, making the climb to Srinagar dangerous). Once in Srinagar, the points of interest are very easy to spot with the Dal Lake and Shankaracharya Temple receiving heavy tourist footfall every year. But no custom vacation would be complete without the option of choosing, which is where one can decide to either go to Nishat Bagh or Shalimar Bagh, both of which offer more of less the same experience, however Nishat Bagh does have more to offer in terms of history and adventure sports but is also far more crowded and can be quite tiring to go to. The day spent in Srinagar should be topped off with a meal at the Ahdoos Hotel which serves excellent food or one may eat out at a cheaper location depending on expenditure preference.

DAY 2 Trip Plan


When visiting Kashmir, a day must be spent in Leh, a beautiful haven nestled atop in the mountains that has some of the most breathtaking views and monasteries that the world has to offer. For the truly custom vacation, one should hire a bike to ride around Leh, possibly the best way to see the city due to its sometimes quite cramped roads and maze like lanes. The Namgyal Tsemo monastery is the best place to visit for an unbeatable view of the town and also see some great 15th century architecture at the monastery. Another spot known for its amazing view is Shanti Stupa, also a Buddhist settlement. To round up the trip, closer to the evening or early morning, a visit to the Indus river is a must have part of the trip plan and for the more adventurous tourist, trekking through the Indus Valley (particularly the Khardung La Pass) is the best way to really experience the Himalayas.

DAY 3 Trip Plan


This part of the vacation plan is tailor made for the most adventurous and outdoorsy of tourists. Kashmir is quite demanding as it is, with its high altitude locations and sometime extreme cold but Sonamarg is really the most challenging of all. Packed with stunning glaciers, lakes and rivers, this section of relatively untouched Himalaya is the best place for tourists to get has some of the best views which require you to backpack through the mo, ntains and may even include rafting. Alternatively Pahalgam is a more relaxed part of Kashmir, also near Srinagar which can be reached by car and offers golf and a great look at history. For couples travelling together in Kashmir, Gulmarg would be the place to spend the last day in the snow-capped Himalayas which includes skiing, backpacking and even snowboarding. The resorts in Gulmarg are some of the finest tourist experiences in all of Kashmir and offer romantic views of the mountains that would make any couples vacation. It should be noted that due to the high altitude, all the places mentioned for Day 3 may not be suitable for everyone.

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