3 Days Trip To South India

The south of India has been called God’s own country and with good reason. The whole region hosts some of the richest natural beauty and unique heritage in the entire country. With the inclusion of a day on the backwaters, this trip planner is sure to make for the ultimate 3 days trip to South India –

DAY 1: Get Started with Kochi’s Famous Food
Getting into South India can be a tricky thing if one is unsure of what mode of transport to take as most of the charm of this beautiful part of the country lies in its raw natural beauty. That being said, flying in is the tamest option one can take but will definitely cause for the travel to be uneventful.

Kochi food

The best way to get to any of the locations in South India is by train as this is the most convenient option while also being relatively cheap and gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature from the comfort of the train. The first stop should be Kochi, which is a great place to start getting used to the idea of a South Indian vacation. One can enjoy most of what Kerala has to offer whilst staying within or just around the city and spending a day in Kochi is a slow but appropriate start to the trip.

DAY 2: Explore The Nature From Houseboat
Taking the train down to Thiruvananthapuram overnight is the best option as there is really no useful vacation time wasted this way. Once in the city, a taxi or bus trip can be taken out to one of the more remote locations such as Alleppey, to enjoy Kerala’s natural beauty and most importantly, the backwaters.


Here one can go down the houseboat rental areas on the rivers and enjoy a day and the subsequent night slowly floating in the Kerala backwaters. This generally tends to be the best part of a trip to the south as the waters are a cool, serene place to spend a quiet night enjoying nature. It is advisable to go to the houseboats in small intimate groups as an evening spent in the houseboat can be one of the most memorable events of a lifetime.

DAY 3: Experience The Wildlife Sanctuary At Chinnar
Having spent a relaxing day floating on the backwaters, the last day should be spent in with the polar opposite of that experience. The vacation guide therefore dictates a visit to the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary which is very close to Kodaikanal. Taking the train down to Chinnar is a great way to save some time while also observing the deep reaches of Kerala’s natural beauty. The Western Ghats are also a large part of the journey and make for some spectacular views and photo ops. Although Kerala is home to more than one wildlife sanctuary, Chinnar is highly recommended for several reasons, including the scenic beauty, notably helpful locals who advice tourists on places to visit and things to see and of course the plethora of animal and plant life available to see.


This sanctuary makes for a great trekking trip and really observing wildlife closely. Some of the most notable creatures living in this sanctuary include Panthers, deer, elephants and even tigers. The sanctuary is also home to a myriad of avian life, making it a birdwatchers paradise. Another notable creature that calls this sanctuary home is the endangered grizzled giant squirrel. There are several alternative locations quite close by and when one finds themselves in the Idukki district of Kerala and knows what it is notoriously famous for, it is likely you can find a lot to do.

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