3 Days Trip To North East India

The North East of India is the home of the small seven sister states (quite a tongue twister to say out loud) and is one of the most inviting vacation spots in all of India. Though it is very hard to cover up everything in such small time, this 3 days trip to North East India is the best itinerary which makes the most of the time given-

DAY 1: Start Your Journey From Beautiful Gangtok


Getting to the North East is a relatively easy task depending on the starting point but naturally flying in to Gangtok would be the best course of action. When in Gangtok, MG road is one of the hot spots for tourist travel and should be a high priority along with Tsomgo Lake which is one the most raw and potent wonder of nature that India has to offer. The drive to Gangtok also offers some stunning views and is relatively relaxed, being a leisurely 8 hours from Darjeeling, if one would prefer to drive down. When in Sikkim one can generally avoid the tourist heavy spots such as Pelling and should instead visit the extremely isolated town of Lachung. From Lachung one may venture forward to Zero Point and Yumthang National Park (the valley of flowers) which is an absolutely stunning beauty filling with different colors. The Modern Hotel in Lachung comes highly recommended from travellers who frequent this part of the country as being a very homely and warm place to stay, even on a budget.

DAY 2: Living Root Bridges In Meghalaya

For the perfect 2nd day to an expedition in the North East, one need look no further than the Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya. The bridges are made from the aerial roots of rubber trees and stretch across several streams and small crevices along the southern end of the Shillong Plateau. These bridges are handmade by the Khasi and Jaintia people of the region who knot and tie parts of the tree roots to create these marvels. One could also indulge in the budding nightlife scene in the city of Shillong. This travel tends to take up a whole days’ worth of time but can also be supplemented with a meal at “Lamee” which is an exceptional restaurant for food and ambiance.

DAY 3: Explore The Historic Monuments in Manipur


A great variation to bring about the 3rd and final day of the trip is by visiting Imphal in Manipur. The city plays host to the ruins of the Palace of Kangla which sits at the center of the city surrounded by a moat. The palace was made during the 18th century and was the seat of power in Manipur until the mid-1900s. For a great piece of catholic architecture the one must visit the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Imphal. The Manipur zoological garden should be a top priority on the journey guide to the North East as it hosts a plethora of different flora and fauna. Resting 6 km from the main city, the Zoological Garden plays home to some rare species such as Sangai, the brow antlered deer. The Govindji Temple is another great point of interest in Imphal, offering some great perspective into the old Hindu structure with regular tours that are very affordable. Another great place to visit while in Imphal is the war cemetery that pays homage to the battle of Kohima and Imphal that has been voted one of the greatest battles ever fought. The War Cemetery can easily be the last place to visit before leaving the North East as it is a short 10 km from the Imphal International Airport.

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