A vacation plan is very essential to make the most out of your trip. Having a good plan helps you travel efficiently and also, you save a lot. While it may not be possible for everyone to take a long vacation often, but a short trip to a place can also make a big difference. If you are planning such a trip, then Barcelona is one of the best places you can be at. Located in Spain, it is the capital city of Catalonia. With its grand architecture churches and rich history, Barcelona is perfect for a short custom vacation. While you cannot see all of it in a single trip, there are some places which are a must visit.

Here is a perfect short trip plan for 3 Days In Barcelona to help you make the most out of it.

Day 1: Explore The Historical Heritage

La Sagrada Faimilia

Barcelona has got a rich history and art to offer to its visitors. Thus, you can find number of churches with grand architectures and modern arts. Starting off your trip with the history of the city, head to the La Sagrada Faimilia to witness the biggest and the oldest church in Barcelona. It is the Barcelona’s main tourist attractions as it boasts some of the master work by Antoni Gaudi. Also, the site is UNSECO world heritage site making it a must visit on your trip. Head next to Casa Batllo after that to witness another masterpiece by Gaudi. Once you are done witnessing the ancient architecture, visit the Casa Amatller to experience the modernistic architecture.

Head next to the famous Columbus monument which commemorates the great explorer. Spend few hours witnessing the monument and then travel to one of the most famous museums in Barcelona, the Picasso Museum. The museums boasts some of the best and oldest work by Picasso making it a must visit in Barcelona. End you day at La Rambla, which comes to life at night with its busy shopping streets and cheerful atmosphere.

Day 2: Art and Architecture Menu

Museum of Catalonia

Barcelona being a pretty big city to explore, it is always advisable to have a journey guide at times to travel better. Take the next day to see the art and different side of the city. Head to the Montjuic Castle to witness the best panoramic view of the city. Also, you will find ancient weaponry for display in this monument. Coming down to the sports and history in Barcelona, you must visit the Olympic Stadium which is a grand architecture in itself. You can walk down the stadium and relax while witnessing the view of it. The stadium has a history of hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics. Head next to the National Art Museum of Catalonia to see some of the best paintings and art. Camp Nou is the perfect choice to spend thrilling evening in Barcelona. Coming down to the end of the day, make it memorable by visiting the Magic Fountain which offers spectacular light and sound show.

Day 3: Don’t Miss The Natural Beauty

Ciutadella Park

Finally, Barcelona has also some wildlife to offer for animal lovers. Thus, head on the last day to Barcelona zoo to witness the wildlife and animals. The zoo boasts some of the rare species of animals and birds that makes it a must visit place here. Once you are done seeing the zoo, head next to the Ciutadella Park which is more like an oasis than a typical city park. The park showcases some of the famous landscapes and monuments which makes it an interesting place for spending some relaxing time. Finally, end your last day by visiting the famous Barcelona Cathedral and witness the grand Gothic architecture.

Thus, Barcelona has got it all with its rich culture, heritage, architecture, food and people, making it one of the best places for a short journey plan.

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