Merlion statue

If you are planning a 3 Days Vacation Plan For Singapore, then this template would definitely help you to make your trip memorable. You can get Indian, Chinese, Western and Malaysian all together in this South-East Asian country. There are several amazing places to visit that must make your trip remarkable. Known as lion city or garden city, Singapore is all over a dynamic place with its unique presentation.

Day Wise Planning By Vacation Planner

To make the trip comfortable with less time duration, your journey plan will help to guide you in proper way. Here is some itinerary for three days in Singapore are given for you.

Day 1 Trip Plan in Singapore

3 Days Vacation Plan For Singapore

Through a direct flight for Singapore you can reach in this marvelous city. By following vacation planner begin your day in the Chinatown which is compared as the heart of Singapore. A number of Pagodas, mosques will give you a genuine peace in your custom vacation. After shopping the famous ethnic products and artifacts, you can take part in plenty of festivals like Mid Autumn Festival, Singapore Heritage Festival etc. After taking lunch in famous Ayer’s Food Street you can go for the world famous multinational branded shopping malls in Orchard Road. In evening through your vacation plan you will go for enjoying the most wanted nightspot-Night Safari which is renowned for the world’s first wild-life park including all animals like leopard, civets, badgers, and also rainforest and so on. If you want, can go by walking and can meet with the nightly animals.

Day 2 Vacation Plan

Merlion statue

After the full exploration in day one, you must go for the next catchy events guided by the vacation planner. Your trip plan for second day is all about the civic district including Supreme Court, Parliament House, Padang Cricket Club, and City Hall etc. By following your vacation planner you will reach the most popular park- Merlion with the incredible Merlion statue. Spend the time here with photography for part fish creature, mythical part lion etc. Get relaxed in the picturesque view of gardens with Marina Bay skyline. Your next attraction foe this day will be Sentosa Island. This island is full of charm like sheltered beach, the song of sea show, Dolphin Lagoon, Underwater World and all entertainments for children. Through vacation planner next you will get another unique calling of nature like enormous species of insects and butterfly in Butterfly Park. You can also take part in the most adventurous Jewel Cable Car Ride.

Day 3 Tour Plan

universal studios

To make the last day memorable in Singapore guided by vacation planner you must go for the universal studios which is Asia’s most attractive Hollywood theme park. After visiting in such amazing studio you must feel awesome. The magical world of movies like Jurassic Park, Transformers, Galactica, Sherk, Revenge of the Mummy etc will definitely give you a new thought of the development of techniques. In your custom vacation, this place will give you the best entertainments forever. After the full exploration in the studio take your lunch in any food court which will also provide you a new refreshment of various tests.

By following a proper vacation planner, you can get everything in Singapore to explore from your heart. Island, hills, garden, bay skyline, forest with wild life, shopping malls with huge buildings with lighting and so on that you can never forget. All the entertainments and natural refreshment will definitely make your short trip to Singapore heart touching. All ambience including entertainments of Singapore will make this tailor made trip full of events and memorable moments for all dear ones in your family.

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