3 Days Vacation Plan for Australia and New Zealand

Australia, the land down under, is the perfect spot for a vacation whether one is adventurous or looking for luxury. With some of the most unique wildlife and excellent dining experiences this 3 Days Vacation Plan for Australia and New Zealand will offer the best it-


Bondi Beach

Flying into any one of the metropolitan cities of Australia, whether it is Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne, the time taken is more or less the same. However it is best to fly into Sydney to visit the most recognizable of all Australian sites, the opera house. This historical monument is a multi-venue performing arts center that happens to be one of the most stunning buildings in the world. One should also visit Bondi Beach which, although sometimes quite dirty, hosts some of the legendary Australian parties that many would go there to enjoy. The journey planner must also include a trip to view the Great Barrier Reef which is a major natural landmark. One should also be on the lookout for street performers, particularly those playing the aboriginal instrument, the Didgeridoo.


Byron bay

The second day in Australia should be spent either visiting Byron bay, Gold Coast or the great outback. Australia offers several of the greatest landscapes in the world but is undoubtedly most famous for the outback, with its iconic red soil. The Byron Bay offers several adventure sporting opportunities such as scuba diving and surfing but is also a spot for whale watching. If one is going during the festival season, the Byron Bay Blues festival is definitely worth the time, often called one of the best in the world. The captain cook lookout over the Byron Bay is an excellent viewing point that should definitely be on the top of the vacation guide. If one instead decides to visit the great Australian outback, the town of Alice Springs is the best gateway and a drive through this arid land is hard to beat for those enthusiastic about adventure.


Auckland, New Zealand would definitely be the best way to round up the 3 day trip to the Land down under. The best spot to view the city with limited time would be to visit the Sky Tower which allows for amazing panoramic views of the whole city and beyond. The added bonus for thrill seekers is that the Sky Tower also hosts a bungee jump over the city. The Waiheke islands are a more relaxed place to visit for those who wish to have a more subdued New Zealand experience as it offers wine tasting, massive vineyards and great walking trails. This is the perfect spot for a trip taken with a significant other as the walks are incredibly romantic and offer a great view of the ocean.


Another spot that is an option to those visiting Auckland is the very recognizable Rangitoto Island which is the home of several volcanoes and makes for the perfect hiking trip. The island is well known for its distinctive 5.5km of symmetrical land and a ferry to the island can also make for a very romantic trip.

Lastly if one would rather stay on the mainland and view some history, the 1929 built Auckland War Memorial Museum is a great place to view New Zealand’s natural as well as military history. The bold neoclassical architectural style of the museum makes it one of the most recognizable structures in Auckland, sitting atop the now grassy remains of a dormant volcano. A walk around the grounds of the Museum is also a great way to spend an evening before heading into the city for a drink at Galbraith’s Alehouse which comes highly recommended for anyone visiting the city. Follow this 3 Days Vacation Plan for Australia and New Zealand and enjoy the trip!

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