If you are looking for the perfect 3 Days Trip Plan to India – Bhutan – Nepal, taking the guidance of a vacation planner will be the ideal decision. Visiting three countries in 3 days is not a matter of joke. To execute this otherwise impossible task, what you need is the perfect trip plan. It isn’t possible to cover all the important places of three countries in just three days.

A vacation planner will help you to prioritize the sites to visit according to its significance and importance. As India has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, similarly Bhutan has the magnificent landscape. Including the marvelous beauty of the sacred temple of Nepal will give your adventure holiday a multifaceted experience. Each day in each country will not leave you with much time to add more than one or two places in each location. Therefore, the journey of exploring three countries begins as given in a below-mentioned way.

Day 1: Taj Mahal in India, the Country of Diversity

Taj Mahal

Once you land in New Delhi, the capital of India, your vacation begins with starting for Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, a magnificent creation of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. It is a mausoleum made of ivory-white marble and situated at the bank of the river Yamuna. Shah Jahan had ordered to make this beautiful mausoleum in the loving memory of her favourite wife Mumtaz. Once you enter the premises, you won’t be able to keep track of time, as the spectacular example of Mughal architecture is spellbinding. If you are left with time enough, a vacation planner will guide you to visit also the Agra Fort which was located on the other side of the river Yamuna. Using so many adjectives won’t be able to express the beauty and attraction of these Mughal architectures. Coming to the various eating options available in the country, no matter in which restaurants you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, the ultimate objective should be experimenting with different delicious Indian food.

Day 2: Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal, a Land Of Temples


As you are visiting Nepal for just one day, an ideal vacation planner would suggest you visiting the beautiful and the biggest temple of Lord Shiva, the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. In a one day trip to the capital of the city, you can also add Patan Darbar Square and the Boudhanath Stupa in your vacation plan. The glorious Pashupatinath Temple is completely made by bronze in a pagoda style. It has four doors in the four directions. There is no record found about when the temple was first built. It is listed in the World Heritage Site given by UNESCO. While visiting such a mesmerizing country, do not forget to try out the famous Nepalese cuisines.

Day 3: Paro in Bhutan, the Land Of Thunder Dragon


The last day of your custom vacation will be the tranquil valley of Paro in Bhutan. The valley encapsulates a thousand wonders of nature and hundreds of legends. Rinpung Dzong and Ta Dzong are two of the most significant places of interests in Bhutan. The former tower has been turned into the National Museum of the country. And the second commemorates the victory over the Tibetans and stands with all its glory. Bhukari at Uma by Como serves one of the most delicious Bhutanese foods, though there are other choices as well.

After the hectic vacation is over, when you will leave for your home, you’ll carry the forever young and unforgettable memories of the three countries with you. Your tailor made vacation will offer you the serenity of Bhutan, as well as the glory of the Mughal Empire of India and the traditional beauty of Nepal.

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