3 day Italy trip

“How To Plan– 3 Days Trip To Italy”

Are you looking for an Italy trip planner for a short yet an eventful holiday? If you are eager to explore the irresistible charms and the immense cultural beauty of the Europe, you must visit Europe’s one of the most enticing as well as the remarkable holiday destination, Italy. Due to the unparalleled art, diverse scenic beauty, and awesome architectures, Italy is famous all over the world. Hence, exploring this country is one of a kind experience. Without a properly planned journey guide or an effective trip planner, it is almost impossible to travel through the most crowd-pleasing as well as the popular corners of the country within a very short span of time.

Vacation Guide to Italy for a Short-spanned Time

Is it your first time trip to Italy? Are you short on time and wondering what places you must visit to have a thrilling tour? Well, you do not need to take any stress over such things. Here in this article, every necessary detail has been provided vividly in a day-wise planner format.

Day-1: A journey guide to Rome:


If you are short on time, you must check into Rome to experience the marvelous glories of this city with epic historical importance. Places such as Colosseum with the spectacular view, Pantheon enriched with historical importance, Vatican Museum, the hub of historical artistries etc. are must check-in places. Well, when you are in Rome, do not forget to visit the famous Trevi Fountain to toss a coin! Another photo bombing place is Spanish Steps.


So, when you are on a vacation to Rome, to get the actual essence of the city, you must explore these places. Although covering all these spots within a day is a bit hectic schedule, but there are several travel agencies available in the Rome that can arrange a perfect city tour plan for the day within your affordable range.

Day-2: A travel guide to Tuscany & Florence:


If you are looking for exploring the ultimate beauty of the inimitable arts, do not miss out the opportunity to visit the famous Uffizi gallery. You will definitely be mesmerized by the alluring beauties of the arts. Well, how about satisfying your taste buds with some old classical wines? When you are travelling to Italy, you must experience the divine taste of Antinori. What can be more enticing when you can visit several wineries in the Tuscany? The breath-taking view of the Tuscany countryside is beyond mentionable. The fascinating and compelling view of the vineyards, the rolling hills of Tuscany will surely make your trip to Italy a memorable one.

Day-3: A vacation guide to tempting Venice:

Are you ready to experience the utmost exquisiteness of Italy? Well, you must check into Venice then. The bewitching Venice will definitely make your vacation a lifelong memory. Gliding down the worldwide popular Grand Canal by the water bus which is locally known as Vaporetto is one of a kind experience. If you can manage more time, you must take a tour around the famous Palazzo Ducale. Gawking at the unimaginable architecture of the Basilica di San Marco can leave you awe-struck!



Well, when you have decided to travel somewhere, to explore the actual beauty and to get the actual essence or the flavor of that particular place, you must explore the public places where you can interact with the local people and get a crystal clear idea about their lifestyles. You may wander around the Rialto market and may satisfy your shopping spree there.

One unquestionable fact is that you cannot explore or cannot take a tour to every corner of Italy within the 3-day time span. However, you can go through this article to get an overall idea what places you must check-in to get the maximum experience out of this short-spanned vacation. The cities and the towns are well-connected through domestic airlines, trains, ferry service and bus service. If you want to have an exceptional back-road exploration, you must hire a car. Well, pack your things, make an effective plan and head out to enjoy your vacation!

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