A vacation plan is the most important thing you need to make before going for any trip. Planning the trip beforehand helps you travel without facing problems and also you save a lot which can be used later for some other purposes on your trip. If you are planning a trip soon to relax and get away from the daily life routine, then this 3 days in Frankfurt trip plan will definitely guide you!

Located in Germany, Frankfurt is a major financial hub in Germany that boasts some of the biggest banks. Also, having a great history, it has museums, architectures and old towns to please every kind of tourist. While you cannot see all of it in a single trip, there are few places which are a must visit on your custom vacation to Frankfurt. Here is a perfect Frankfurt short trip plan for you to make the most of it.

Day 1:

Street art Frankfurt
Frankfurt is one of the cities which appreciates art the most which means there are more number of quality art offering places that you can see here. Start off your day by visiting the Museumsurfer District to witness some of the best local artists presenting their art. You can literally witness some of the best paintings here on the street. Stroll down the road to see the architecture of the town. Once you are done appreciating the street art, move to the Palmengarten to see the lush green garden. This is one of the 2 main gardens in Frankfurt. Talk a walk through the gardens to spend some time relaxing. Have your lunch and head next to St.Pauls Church to witness the history and grand architecture in Frankfurt. The church has a great history as it was started back when the French revolution started making it one of the must visit places here. The beautiful old age architecture with some modern art makes this place perfect to spend the evening. End your day by having dinner at a restaurant.

Day 2:

Goethe House
Frankfurt being rich in history and art start off you next day by visiting the Goethe House which is the birthplace of Johan Goethe who was famous writer. The building also serves as his residence for many years. Explore the building to witness some of his writing along with the history of Frankfurt through his writings. Head next to Stadel which is an art museum offering huge variety of modern art pieces. Have lunch and then move into the center of the city to see the Main Tower of Frankfurt which is a 200 m skyscraper. The whole view of the building is an experience in itself. In the evening, visit the Frankfurt Cathedral which is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. It is one of the best architectures in the city. End your day by having dinner at a restaurant here while watching the fantastic view of the city.

Day 3:

Frankfurt has a lot to satisfy your shopping bud. Start off your day by visiting the famous Zeil Street in Frankfurt to satisfy your shopping bud. The street is a lively place filled of everything that you probably want. Do some shopping and head next to Frankfurt Zoological Garden to see the variety of animals and birds. There are more than 4500 animals of more than 510 species that you can see here. Have your lunch and head next to the villa of Liebieghaus to see the beautiful 19th century architecture. Finally, end your day by watching a show at Alte Oper which is one of the oldest theatres in Frankfurt.

Alte Oper Frankfurt

Thus, Frankfurt with all of its rich history, architecture, modern art and amazing food is a perfect destination for a short journey plan.

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